4. Downloading and Installing Metacat

Instructions for the Linux system is included in this section.

4.1. System Requirements

In addition to meeting the recommended system requirements, the server on which you wish to install the latest version of Metacat must have the following software installed and running correctly:

  • PostgreSQL

  • Apache Ant (if building from source)

  • Apache Tomcat

  • Apache HTTP Server (recommended)

    • In order to use the Metacat Registry (and for a more robust Web-serving environment in general), the Apache Web server should be installed with Tomcat and the two should be integrated. See the installing Apache for more information.

  • Java 17 (Note: Java 8 is deprecated since v3.0.0)

  • RabbitMQ

  • Solr Server

System requirements for running Metacat:

  • at least 512MB RAM