Class DocumentIdentifier


public class DocumentIdentifier extends Object
A class to parse document ids The docid is of the form siteCode.uniqueId.rev
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getRev

      public String getRev()
      returns the revision number encoded in this docid
    • getUniqueId

      public String getUniqueId()
      returns the uniqueId encoded in this docid
    • getSiteCode

      public String getSiteCode()
      returns the siteCode encoded in this docid
    • getSeparator

      public String getSeparator()
      returns the separator used in the accession number
    • getIdentifier

      public String getIdentifier()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      returns the whole docid as a string
      toString in class Object
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Test driver. The first command line argument is the docid you want to create an object for. For instance ">java DocumentIdentifer nceas.1.2" will return "rev: 2 \n uniqueId: 1 \n siteCode: nceas \n"